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About us

Established in 2004, Guangzhou Bailing Metal Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. engages production and distribution of steel wire, aluminum material, cross buckle, stainless steel screw for many of the world’s leading manufacturers. Being one of the largest metal inventories in the nation, we are passionate about building strong and stable long-term relationship with our customers by working with the highest quality products and the fastest shipping service. We add additional value to our customers with the concept of “high quality and humanization” and perfect three-dimensional sales service network, providing humanized service by offering exceptional lead times and expertly managed delivery schedules regardless of your demand and location.

We are specialist in steel wire and aluminum material and different relevant accessories. For steel wire, there are 202#, 304# , 316# #PTFE and Nano material provided with six different diameters. Regarding to aluminum material, we supply over 10 product models including AG3, AG4, AG5, AG8 which can find more details in our products catalogue.



Contact: Iris Yang

Phone: +86 13189191045

Tel: +86 13143547590

Email: bailingsteel@gmail.com

Whatsapp:+86 13189191045

Add: 101, No. 7, Baoyuan Road, Huijiang village, Dashi Town, Panyu, Guangzhou

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