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Invisible Grille Invisible Grille Invisible Grille

Invisible Grille

Made of fixed aluminum profile and micro steel wire--- mainly suitable for the safety protection of balcony windows in high-rise buildings. It is widely welcomed by modern families because of its invisibility, fire prevention, beauty and safety. The beast substitute for the traditional iron aluminum stainless steel anti-theft net.


Invisible - the fixed aluminum profile is small in volume and small in steel wire, the product will pass the invisible effect after being installed as if there is nothing in it.

Fire prevention - the design concept of the product originated from a fire. People in the traditional iron windows could not come out after the fire, and the people outside could not go in, and the rescue time was delayed, turning into a disaster! The invisible protective net is composed of small steel wires, which can be cut off in a few seconds in case of an emergency, and can escape quickly, which the rescue can also be carried out quickly!

Beauty - the beauty of the product is due to the invisible effect of the product. The installation of the product does not affect the architectural landscape. Standing in the room also does not obstruct the vision, and the beauty outside can also be seen.

Safety - the product is mainly applicable to the safety protection of high-rise balcony and windows, which can effectively prevent children from falling from high altitude while playing, prevent clothes, vases, etc., slow down the fear of high emotions of the elderly, and connect the alarm, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of theft!

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